International Collaboration

Collaboration make us stronger
East Asian ObservatoryResearch Collaboration2019 – nowResearch Collaboration
University of MalayaMoU2018 – nowResearch collaborations, student exchange, summer school
Tohoku University, JapanMoU on Student Exchange2008 – nowDoctoral research
Kyoto Sangyo UniversityAgreement on Academic Exchange2007 – nowDoctoral reserach
National Astronomy Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT)Reserach Collaboration2010 – nowResearch Collaboration, School
Leids Kerkohven – Bosscha Fonds (LKBF)Financial Support and Research Collaboration1955 – nowFinancial Support and Research Collaboration
Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW)Funding for Education and Reserach Science2007 – 2011Funding for Education and Reserach Science
Atacama Large Milimeter/Submilimeter Array (ALMA), ChileResearch collaboration, joint Ph.D supervision2011 – nowResearch collaboration, joint Ph.D supervision
Groningen UniversityResearch Collaboration2012 – nowResearch Collaboration
Asia Pacific  Asteroid Observation Network (APAON)Research Collaboration2014 РnowResearch Collaboration
Galaxy ForumResearch Collaboration2013 – nowResearch Collaboration
International Lunar Observatory (ILO)Research Collaboration2013 – nowResearch Collaboration
South East AsianAstronomy Network (SEAAN)Research Collaboration2007 – nowResearch Collaboration
South East Asian Young Astronomy Collaboration (SEAYAC)Research Collaboration2011 – nowResearch Collaboration
Australian National University

Adjunct Professor, Research Collaboration

2017 – nowResearch Collaboration
University of Manchester

Research Collaboration

2017 – nowResearch Collaboration