Doctoral Program in


Curriculum Stucture

Compulsory Courses

Semester 1Semester 2
1KU7080Philosophy of Science21AS7092Proposal Preparation3
2AS7060Research Methodology3
3AS7091Qualification Exam3
Semester 1 Credits:8Semester 2 Credits:3
Semester 3Semester 4
1AS8095Research & Progress Report I51AS8096Research & Progress Report II5
Semester 3 Credits:5Semester 4 Credits:5
Semester 3Semester 4
1AS9091Research & Progress Report III51AS8096Dissertation Exam3
2AS9092Research & Progress Report IV5
Semester 5 Credits:10  Semester 6 Credits:3

Elective Courses

Odd SemesterEven Semester
2AS7020Physics of Galaxy32 AS7020Physics of Galaxy 3
3AS7030Stellar Physics3 3AS7030Stellar Physics3
4AS7040Physics of Solar System34AS7040Physics of Solar System3
5AS7070Relativistic Astrophysics35AS7070Relativistic Astrophysics3

Publication Requirement

Doctoral Program in Astronomy requires scientific publications in international journals for the graduation of its participants. This follows the provisions of ITB and the elaboration of implementation in the ITB Graduate Schools (SPs). This has been regulated in the ITB Rector’s Decree No. 241A/SK/I.A/PP/2017.