Kolokium Daring KK & Prodi Astronomi

9 Juli 2020, 13.30 WIB

From Cracking the Mysterious Diffuse Interstellar Bands to Galaxy Map

Pembicara: Dr. Lucky Puspitarini

FMIPA ITB, KK Astronomi

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Koordinator Kolokium,

Dr. Kiki Vierdayanti


Interstellar matter (ISM) is a rich laboratory in providing numerous interstellar species. Many of them are still mystery. Diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs) are an enigmatic set of absorption features. DIBs behave like interstellar lines with regard to occurrence, strength, and Doppler shift. But, instead of being narrow like the interstellar lines, their profiles are widened (diffuse).

The carriers of the DIBs are still unclear, but very likely to be complex organic molecules. Two infrared DIBs have been confirmed to be caused by C60+. Despite the unknown carriers, DIBs can be a promising ISM tracer because (1) DIBs are ubiquitous in optical and IR domain, (2) DIBs are not easily saturated, and (3) DIBs are correlated with other interstellar parameters, e.g. interstellar extinction.

To measure DIBs in the spectra of massive stellar surveys, automated spectral analysis tools needs to be developed. We  present method to measure DIBs in early- and late-type stellar spectra.  We demonstrate that DIBs can trace the ISM distribution and kinematics at the Galactic scale.