To support student academic activity, there are some facilities:

1. Computer laboratory: Undergraduated and graduated programme in astronomy provides Internal Network System (AS-Net) Computing Laboratory equiped with internet facilities.

2. Bosscha Observatory: Educational and research facility of ITB, located at Lembang, West Java, about 15 km northen part of ITB, 1,1310 m above sea level. Bosscha Observatory has main telescopes (Zeiss, Bamberg, Schmidt Bimasakti, GOTO, Unitron, radio telescope), and other instruments such as a microdensitometer, Astrophotometer Eichner, etc. Bosscha Observatory also come with a complete and up-to-date library, a workshop, computer network and internet facilities, lecture hall and reading rooms, and other necessary to conduct astronomical research and support astronomy education. All of these facilities can be used by students in completing their task, including final project, master thesis and dissertation.

3. Library: Academic information can be obtained at the university library (also in the form of digital library http://digilib.itb.ac.id/), department library, and also at the Bosscha Observatory’s library. The library at the Astronomy Study Program and Bosscha Observatory have a collection of books, national and international journals, as well as catalog and map of the stars/galaxies that are complete and constantly updated. To improve the performance of the library, there are also computer and internet facilities so that the latest scientific information through electronic media can be obtained quickly and utilized by students.

4. E-learning System:  The system is developed to support the academic activities in ITB. At the same time ITB elearning system extends the reach of lectures in ITB beyond merely ITB campus, to benefit community and society in Indonesia.

5. Student discussion room: a room for undergraduated students, two rooms for master students and, many rooms for doctoral students.