Astronomy Research Division

Reserach Area

Study on Gravitational Lens in Cosmology; Cluster of galaxies with various redshift; Dark Matter in Cosmology, Structure and Evolution Extra galaxies in the Universe, Theoretical and Observational Cosmology from early to present universe, Large Scale Structure, Gravitational Lens and Inhomogen Universe, Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe.

Decomposition of Stellar Population in the Galaxy, Stellar Cluster, Kinematic and Dynamic of Various Type of Stars in The Galaxy, Search for Dark Matter in the Galaxy.

Stellar Physics:
Numerical Model of Stellar Evolution, Stellar Atmosphere, Study on Light Curve, Synthetic Spectra, Photometry, Polarimetry of Various Stellar Objects. Developing Data Acquisition and Data Processing, Classification based on Knowledge and Archival Data.

Solar System:
Study on the Sun: Numerical Modeling on MHD Plasma and Solar Wind, Study on Titan Atmosphere, Extra Solar Planets: Numerical Studies on Planets around Binary Stars, Dynamic and Orbital Evolution  of Comet,  Asteroid and  Potentially Hazardous Asteroids:  Co Orbital Asteroids in Terrestrial Planets; Search for Orbital Population of Hopping – Asteroid; Orbital Analyzing of Hazardous Asteroids, Orbital Dynamic of Comets,  Asteroid  and Large Aphelion Objects, Tumbling Motion of Asteroid, Orbital  Distribution  of Hazardous Objects, Dynamics of Asteroids belong to families in Main Belt and Trans Neptunian Objects, Mitigation System for Hazardous Asteroids

Search for Criteria of the First Visibility on the Young Moon Crescent (Hilal):
Development Telescope for Hilal Observation: A Cheap Telescope for Hilal Observation, A Telescope for Hilal Observation before sunset. Development networking for Hilal Observation: Development Networking with Research and Educational Institution, The Science of Hilal related to other Phenomena of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun: Study on the Characteristic of Metonic and Saronic Hilal, Search for Criteria on Hilal’s Visibility based on Metonic and Saronic.

Development of Astronomical Instrumentation and New Facilities for Astronomical Observation in Multi-wavelength band and Computational Astronomy:
A New Generation Optical Telescope, Solar Telescope Radio Telescope: Jove & Tracking Interferometer at Bosscha Observatory,  Astronomical Instrumentation, Space Based Astronomy, Computational Astronomy:

Astronomy Radio:
Alma Collaboration Project (ITB, JAO, KASI, NAOJ, Paris Observatory, CfA-Harvard): Deep Field Imaging of Radio Galaxies Environment, Star Forming Regions and Protoplanetary Disk, Solar System (Chemistry & Dynamics of Titan’s Atmosphere, Line Survey of Jovian Atmosphere, Submillimeteric Imaging of Asteroid).
East Asian VLBI Network (NAOJ, KASI): Massive Star Formation, Molecular Hot Cores, Maser Astrophysics.
JCMT-EAO: PITCH-BLACK Survey (Jet & Accretion Disk)
Developing Indonesian VLBI Station (with Indosat Ooredo, NAOJ, UM-Jodrell Bank): Motion drive system, Front End & VLBI Back End, Site Testing & RFI Measurement, Commissioning, Development of compresive imaging algorithm.
Development of Radio Telescope in ITB: RTP 3m POAM, Pulsar receiver set up, new bigger antenna, LWA antenna