Online Colloquium
Friday, 22 January 2021 at 01.00-02.30 p.m (UT+7)

Bosscha Observatory Research Program 2021:
Invitation to Participate

Premana W. Premadi, Muhammad Irfan, Denny Mandey, Agus T. P. Jatmiko, Muhammad Yusuf, & Anton T. Jaelani

Observatorium Bosscha & KK Astronomi, FMIPA, ITB


This colloquium briefly introduces several observation programs with related research topics that will be implemented in 2021:

  1. Binary stars (especially observational techniques using the Zeiss double refractor telescope)
  2. Star clusters
  3. Occultations
  4. New moon
  5. Exoplanets

and cosmological research using a gravitational lens. This colloquium is also intended as an invitation to lecturers, students, and alumni. Especially for students, this is an opportunity to increase research capacity by utilizing the observation and computation facilities at the Bosscha Observatory and its collaborative networks. The elaboration of research substance will be presented at another opportunity.