Online Colloquium
Friday, 26 February 2021, at 01.00-02.30 p.m (UT+7)

Spatially resolving properties of galaxies across cosmic time with piXedfit

Dr. Abdurro’uf

ASIAA, Taiwan

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Colloquium coordinator,

Dr. Anton Timur Jaelani


Despite the fact that galaxies are extended objects, the majority of studies over the past decades have only utilized their integrated light, particularly for SED fitting. The advent of IFS surveys have revolutionized the studies of galaxy evolution. However, the wide-area IFS surveys have been mostly targeting local galaxies. Motivated by the current and future abundance of high spatial resolution and deep multiband imaging data, we have been developing piXedfit, a Python package that provides tools for deriving spatially resolved properties of galaxies from multiband imaging data alone or in combination with the IFS data. With its 6 modules, piXedfit can handle all the tasks in spatially resolved SED fitting, including images (or + IFS data) processing, pixel binning, and SED fitting. We have tested piXedfit in various ways. When tested with mock SEDs of IllustrisTNG, the SED fitting module can recover properties and star formation histories of the
simulated galaxies well. We have tested piXedfit using real data consisting of 12-bands imaging data (from GALEX, SDSS, 2MASS, and WISE) and IFS data from MaNGA and CALIFA. piXedfit can spatially-match of the imaging and IFS data. By fitting only photometric SEDs, piXedfit can predict the spectral continuum, Dn4000, H-alpha, and Hbeta well. The SFR from piXedfit is consistent with the SFR from H-alpha. In this talk, I will introduce piXedfit as well as our future plans of using piXedfit for analyzing resolved properties of galaxies across a wide range of redshifts. I will also present our preliminary results of the analysis on nearby galaxies. piXedfit will be available at