Masters Program in


Masters Program


Masters Program in Astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bandung Institute of Technology, obtained an Excellent (Unggul) accreditation rating from BAN-PT until July 30, 2026, through decree 9937/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/M/VII/2021. Masters Program in Astronomy as a whole focuses on building and sharpening graduates’ abilities to become reliable problem solvers, both for routine and non-routine problems, through the development of structured and integrated thinking (system, creative, quantitative, and critical thinking) in the syllabus. and course materials contained in the curriculum. The curriculum also accommodates strategic issues of the ITB education curriculum, both those related to the use of computing technology, namely coding/computational thinking, big data analysis, as well as those related to sustainability issues. In addition, students have the opportunity to expand their competence in other fields is accommodated in the Curriculum of Masters Program in Astronomy in the form of a Minor Program in ITB.

Head of Masters and Doctoral Programs in Astronomy

Dr. rer. nat. M. Ikbal Arifyanto