Degree Programme


There are three kinds of academic programs at ITB, namely:

  • Undergraduate Program is normally completed within 4 years of full time study.
  • Master’s Program is normally completed within 2 years of full time study. Including completion of a thesis is required for the degree.
  • Doctor Program takes approximately 3 to 4 years of full time study and research, including completion of a dissertation.

Undergraduate Program comprises at least 144 semester credit units and at the most 160 credit units which are divided into three levels:

  1. Common Preparatory Level with minimum of 36 semester credit units in 2 semesters.
  2. Sarjana Level (from third semester) with minimum of 108 semester credit units.

Undergraduate Program students with high achievement are eligible to continue their studies to Master’s Program as an integrated part of the Undergraduate Program. Undergraduate Program students graduates with very high achievement are eligible to enroll to the Doctoral program directly.

Master’s Program comprises at least 36 semester credit units and 50 semester credit units at the most.

As for Doctoral Program, the number of loads in term of semester credit units is determined by the Graduate Program.

In general, the Undergraduate Programme at ITB is designed for four academic years. The maximum total years allowed is six years. One academic year consists of two regular semesters and each regular semester consists of 16 weeks. The minimum total credit for Undergraduate Programme at ITB is 144 credits which is equal to 240 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS, using 28.8 hours per credit).

The structure of the curriculum of Undergraduate Programme in Astronomy is divided into three groups of study:

  1. General Studies (76 credits or 126.92 ECTS),
  2. Major Subjects (36 credits or   60.12 ECTS),
  3. Elective Studies (32 credits or   53.44 ECTS).


Grading scale (in accordance with Rector decree no. 023A/SK/l1.A/PP/2014)

  1. Graduation rank
  2. With Distinction/Cum Laude (GPA>3.5 – Undergraduate;

GPA>3.75 – Graduate)

  1. High Merit
  2. Merit
  3. Academic rank
  4. A (score: 4) : Exceptional
  5. AB (score: 3.5) : Excellent
  6. B (score: 3.0) : Good
  7. BC (score: 2.5) : Satisfactory
  8. C (score: 2.0) : Sufficient
  9. D (score: 1.0) : Poor
  10. E (score: 0.0) : Fail