Undergraduate Programme



Admission to our undergraduate program is conducted centrally by the ITB and the national committee on student selection for university studies. Management of student admission for all faculty and school within ITB is centrally-organized at Directorate of Education of ITB. Since 2011, ITB has been using national-level student admission system. The national admission committee is composed from all state university delegates.

Based on regulation of Ministry of Education No. 034/2010, student admission for state university is categorized into two types:
1. Student admission based on written and skill test
2. Student admission based on academic performance (non-written and skill test)

Start from 2008, all new accepted students enrolled in faculty/school of ITB. The new student does not directly enter study program. After one year in common preparation level, student enters study program. Since the capacity of each study program is limited, faculty/school develops certain criteria for every study program.

Detail information for international student, please refers to USM ITB.