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Service and Supports

To support students learning activity, there are some acaedmic services (including its support) that are provided by Astronomy Study Program:

  • Academic advisor: Guidance in taking course for each semester is carried out through Academic Advisory Activities. This is a face-to-face interaction between the academic advisor and the student to discuss the strategy of taking courses based on curriculum, taking into account the capability and academic performance of the student. The responsibilities of the academic advisor: Providing guidance to the students during their study time, Encouraging creativity and effective learning habits, and Assiting the students in setting their study plans to support their success in studies.

  • Supervisor: When the students take the undergraduate thesis courses, they have their thesis supervisors whom will now become their new academic advisors. Their supervisors provide guidance in the selection of a research topic, and in preparing the final theses.

  • Tutorials: Are given by senior students with excellent academic records, good tutoring skills as well as good commitment. The content of the tutorials include problem excercise, discussion and practical activities.

  • Extracurricular activities: Student activities based on reasoning or scientific professionalism in accordance with the Undergraduate Programme (e.g. Himpunan Mahasiswa Astronomi, or Astronomy Student Organization), as well as student activities based on the values, talents, and interests (such as art unit, sport unit, scouts, etc.). There are 26 educational activity units, 19 art activity units, and 34 sports activity units. The students can choose any activity they like.

  • Softskills development: Undergraduate Programme in Astronomy in collaboration with Bosscha Observatory each year conducts training for students to participate in handling public visits to Bosscha Observatory in the form of instrumentation and telescope training, as well as giving presentation in front of the public. Undergraduate Programme in Astronomy in collaboration with Indonesian Astronomy Olympiad Committee each year conducts telescope training to select some students to become an Olympic technical team that will train high school students candidate for national olympiad on astronomy. Senior students are allowed to participate in national observation of moon crescent (‘Hilal’).

  • Financial Support for attending summer/winter school abroad.